Radiant Barrier for Survival, Self Sufficiency


A member of our FORUM recently asked a question about whether the Radiant Barrier energy saving system works.

Let me say that we ENCOURAGE your survival related questions like this and we here at www.TodaysSurvival.com will research your question and give you an answer.  So please participate in our free discussion on our forum.

To the poster who asked the question, thank you an here’s a couple of testimonials that hopefully will answer your question.  Personal ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and saving money on energy consumption is part of being a survival minded person.  Please read the testimonials below:


“After installing RBS Chips in my 1900 square foot home, my monthly equalizer bill of $234 dropped to $117 per month.  When my bill was reviewed in October by SRP, they wanted to pay me a check for the difference but I told them to just take it off my bill.  I went five months without paying anything!  I also thought it strange that they called and informed me they were going to change my meter.
Not only am I saving 50% on my energy bill, my home is more comfortable and every room is the same temperature.  I highly recommend radiant barrier chips and the services of Horizon Energy Systems

Single story brick home, 1900 sq. feet, heat pump
South orientation no shade.
D. Wright, Tempe AZ
(installed 9/97)


I moved to Phoenix in 1998 and started looking into ways to cool down our house. We added a lot of shade and even vented heat from the attic with electric fans (which failed twice) and wind turbines. Obviously that was not enough.  I did some research and found that the government considered radiant barrier chips an economic answer to our problem.

I needed new heat pumps. Buying them improved our comfort by quite a bit, but I could still feel the heat radiating downward from the attic. Sundown made an immediate difference, so I knew more needed to be done in the attic.

Horizon Energy Systems came to our home and after an energy audit recommended much larger vents for the attic and radiant barrier chips.  The vents and barrier chips immediately cooled down the house.  The new heat pump on the West end of the home ran non-stop throughout the day before RBS Chips were installed.   Now it cycles on and off (mostly off), and our home is much more comfortable.
The garage (which we use as a chapel) no longer feels like a bun warmer. Our bedroom is comfortable at last. We are very satisfied with all the work done. Horizon Energy Systems understands the physics of heating and cooling and educated us in how this system would benefit us.

I had a dark bathroom needing a solar tube. Another contractor told us it could not be installed.  Horizon Energy Systems installed the two sun tubes I wanted and suggested two others (one in the kitchen, one in the mirrored closet room). Everyone agreed that the four sun tubes added a lot to the home’s appeal. We love them.

I highly recommend the products, services and knowledge of Horizon Energy Systems

Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D

2200 Square feet
R-25 blown Cellulose attic insulation (existing)
Exterior walls: Block
Windows: Original aluminum sliders
Roofing: Shingles
Existing venting: Two whirlybirds, one ridge vent, two gable vents
Additional venting:  Five Dormer vents, 13 soffet vents

Additional insulation: RBS Chips over blown cellulose (Installed 9/04)

BEGIN TO FIND WAYS TO SAVE on your energy bill.   Even if you can’t afford RBS chips, find ways to be frugal, then put the money you save into things like storing food, water, paying off debt, etc.

I have recently begun saving $30 per month just by simply learning to let the house be slightly warmer throughout the hot North Texas heat (108 degrees lately.)

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Why “cash” is King!


For anyone who wants to take advantage of basic “preparedness” skill, saving cold hard cash, is a must.

Today we are told that having cash is not safe.  Really?  If I’m not mistaken, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today.  If  you are using cash, it’s pretty tough for anyone to track your purchases and it leaves no trail behind for anyone to steal.   What % of violent crimes today, involve stealing cash?  Not the majority of them.

If you need to evacuate due to a storm or other emergency, cash will be an essential requirement. Most people live “cashless” lifestyles that depend on plastic. People carry lots of “plastic” money in the form of credit cards and debit cards but normally don’t keep any significant amount of cash on hand for a true emergency. Most, if not all, purchases are made with credit cards, debit cards, or personal checks.

During and after a major disaster or in an emergency situation, it’s very unlikely that there will be any merchants that are going to be able to process credit cards or validate checks. If people are selling items, they’re probably going to accept cash only. This simply means you won’t be able to buy anything if you don’t have cash. Check and credit card machines and electronic cash registers probably won’t be working due to power outages, etc. Don’t count on getting change back from a hundred dollar bill. Needed currency denominations to make change may be in short supply. It will be better to have smaller denomination bills ($10’s and $20’s) and plenty of change (rolls of quarters, etc.) available in an emergency.

Make sure you set enough aside to counter higher prices that may occur due to needed items being in short supply. Hotel and motel rooms will become very expensive in a short period of time, if any are still available. Gasoline and fuel prices can go up in a hurry and food items, including water and ice, will get expensive due to limited supplies and availability. Don’t count on any of your normal routines working during a disaster or emergency.

It’s the most liquid of all types of savings plans and you can even still get discounts when paying in cash.  Even if there is no emergency.
Bob Mayne