Ep. 215 – How To Hold Survival Training with Your Prepping Team


Do you get survival and preparedness training? Are you meeting with like minded individuals and teaching each other skills? Joe from N.E. Texas is back, this episode to talk about actual classes that he holds with his prepper team. Whether you have a prepper team or not, you’ll get some good information regarding map reading, bug out bags, weapons and more, from this episode.


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Ep. 214 – Teamwork Survival


Most common sense preppers understand that having a survival partner to help you make the lifestyle changes, is a huge advantage. This episode is about Joe and Dave in NE Texas and the partnership that they’ve built with their families. They get together and they also organize prepper team meetings. So I interviewed both of them about how they work together as a team and what they practice, learn and train, with their team.