Ep. 211 – Did we temporarily have a police state?


Recently after the Boston bombing, law enforcement and government officials went on a manhunt. It sparked a lot of controversy and some felt that a police state, with abuse of power was disturbing. Is this a sign of things to come after disasters? Glen Tate, author of the book series “299 Days” is my guest to discuss it.


US Oath of Allegiance

Glen Tate’s Book Series

Ep. 210 – The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret


Well, TSHTF in my family in a very big way. So now I’m left with picking up with relying on my preparations. I’ll need to rely on my supplies, but also my money and attitude preparations. Once I finally came out of my fog and depression, I started thinking about the types of pain I’m feeling. It came down to the pain of discipline or regret. And you’ll be interested to know how these are both survival subjects.