Ep. 197 – HAM RADIO with Mike Andren


Mike Andren is my guest to discuss HAM Radio. We cover how to get started, what products to consider and how the FCC gets involved. We also discuss how to pass the test and about how much it costs to get started.


Communications for Preppers YouTube Channel

Wouxun KG-UV6D Handheld 136-174 MHz/ 400-480 MHz Dual Band Two Way Transceiver(Upgrade Version)

American Radio Relay League

HAM Nation Vodcast

ITunes application and Android App

Western Intertie System radio (over 95 repeaters from all over the world linked together) go to “streaming audio” page and click your favorite audio player and listen to the world.

IRLP Internet Radio Linking Project

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Ep. 196 – A Balanced Approach to Prepping


How to avoid prepper burnout. The key is a balanced approach to your preps. In this episode, I discuss what I’ve been doing lately to keep my preps in balance. With this new reality we now have, it’s too common for survivalists to prep too heavily in one area and neglect some essentials. This episode contains a few tips on avoiding that.

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