Ep. 204 – Unrealistic Mentality


What is a common sense prepper/survivalist? I’ll define that in this episode. Some people have a very unrealistic mentality of what common sense survivalism is all about. So this is an episode you can play for someone who might not be completely on board with prepping due to the stigma it has.


The Unrealistic Mentality of the Modern Survivalist on the Survival Blog

Surviving in Argentina

Ep. 203 – Understanding SHTF Communications Without Being An Engineer


David Malin, Emergency Manager at the Port of Los Angeles, shares his knowledge on how to understand SHTF communications without being an engineer.


Ohms Law


Frequency and wavelength

Antenna’s, Antenna’s, Antenna’s

Effective Radiated Power

Standing Wave Radio

Simplex vs Duplex

Radio Wave Propogation

CB Frequencies

FRS/GMRS Frequencies