Americans have grown accustomed to a nanny state


Don’t be one of the “sheeple.”

Personal responsibility is your civic duty

Today lets look at how a renaissance of self sufficiency benefits the community.

The borrower is slave to the lender. Emancipate yourself from the slavery of debt. Build up an emergency fund. Quit living from paycheck to paycheck . Whether you lose your job or the economy has a downturn , you won’t have to make panic decisions or sell yourself to lenders or burden the welfare system.

Build a surplus of the things you need to live.
The systems that put food on the shelves of America have evolved into ” just in time” strategies that eliminate large inventories and warehouses. Interruptions in these systems at any level take days if not weeks to restore to the status quo. The people that are not prepared in advance,  further the problem by hoarding supplies after the crisis strikes . The more prepared the people are the less impact a local or regional crisis has and the less government intervention is needed.
Start a garden.

Even if you live in an apartment start to grow something. Even if it is just one or two plants in containers. This small step will change the way you look at the food you eat. It will give you confidence in yourself that you can provide food for yourself. Growing food is one of the most powerful tools to liberate yourself from the system. If you grow enough to help your neighbors you make yourself an invaluable part of your community .

Learn to cook from scratch.
Cooking is a survival skill that is slowly becoming a lost art. To maintain consistency chain restaurants have sparked an era of” heat and eat” food. Our busy lifestyles have filled our grocery stores with “fatigue food .” When you are just to tired to cook it is convenient, but it is expensive and less nutritious. During hard times you will find that you can stretch a dollar much further if you know how to cook. It will make you much more independent .
These are just a few examples of how one can take personal responsibility for their life. As you make these changes, share your journey with your friends and family.
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Be Prepared

How much is one $Trillion ?

Debt burden

Ever wonder how to figure out how much $Trillion is? No doubt you’ve heard how big our national debt and our deficit is.  While I’ve vowed NOT to make this a political website, I do feel it’s important to put this in perspective.

Growing every year, the debt stands today at a staggering $11.4 trillion — equivalent to about $37,000 for each and every American. And it’s expanding by over $1 trillion a year.

Well, I just wanted to put in perspective exactly how much money 1$Trillion is.

See if you can relate to this:  If you count $1 dollar every second it would take you 31,700 years to count it!

Don’t believe me?  See the math below:

Number of seconds in a day = 86,400

Number of days it would take you to count $1Billion = 11,574

Number of years it would take you to count $1Billion = 31.7 years

Number if years it would take you to count $1Trillion = 31,700 years

That’s right, 31,700 years to count $1Trillion and that’s how fast our national debt EXPANDS each year.  How can this madness continue?

What should you do?  The only thing I can recommend is to start taking steps NOW to insulate yourself from this.  Eventually, this is going to cause a drastic affect on every American whether you like it or not.

Tomorrow, I’ll post some suggestions as to what you can start to do NOW.

So the next time you hear that our government is going to spend $1Trillion dollars on something, remember it would take you at least 31,700 years to count it!

In the meantime, I think I’ll just let this sink in…..

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Bob Mayne