3 Day Emergency Bag

Internal Frame Pack

The Emergency Bag.

Do you have an emergency bag? It’s commonly called a bug out bag, but I’m calling it a 3-day emergency bag.  The reason is because you commonly need enough to get you by for 3 days.  That should be enough time to get to relative’s house or another pre- designated place to go, should you have to evacuate your home.  If you don’t have any plans set in place for this, tune in next week, we will discuss that too!

The best type of bag in my opinion is an internal frame backpack. They can be found at Academy or most sporting goods stores for as little as $39.97. Click here to view an example. They work very well because they are comfortable and hold a lot.  You want a backpack type because they are very easy to carry, especially if you’re on foot.  Get a good one, it will be worth spending an extra $30 or so.

Where to keep it?   Keep in the trunk of your car or back of your SUV. Back seat of your pickup if that’s what you drive.  It should stay in your vehicle, because then it’s one last thing you need to grab if you’re only given a few minutes to leave your house.  If you live in a real hot or cold climate, don’t keep anything in it that can melt or freeze.  Keep those in a separate bag in your home and remember to grab it on the way out.  You can transfer them to your emergency bag later.

What to put in it?

We will begin the list today and expand on it for the next couple of days.  Here’s a start.

1.         Multi-tool

2.         Flash light

3.         Good sharp knife

4.         Maps on with multiple routes on how to get out of town by vehicle.

5.         Non perishable food

6.         Water flask (Camelback is great.)

7.         Batteries

8.         Matches in waterproof container

There’s more, but this is a start.  If you don’t have an emergency bag, put it in your budget and get one within 30 days.  Pay cash, no credit.  Tune in tomorrow for more info on the Emergency Bag.

Does a modern survivalist need a gun?

PistolShooter As controversial as the subject is, I thought I would post this anyway.  Guns cause a lot of controversy, but the one thing they don’t cause is…crime.  People cause crime, plain and simple.   Owning a gun is our 2nd ammendment right.  What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” is difficult to understand?

From the days of our revolution to the present, our freedom has been secured partially by the use of firearms.  Since this site is about today’s modern survival, let’s examine the role firearms play.

Since when does anyone have the authority to tell you that you cannot defend yourself?  Many in our government think they have that right.  Any bans on gun ownership are simply unconstitutional. If you believe in the right to free speech and religion, you should also believe in the right to gun ownership.

I carry a gun every day.  Why do I carry a gun?  Because I can’t carry a cop!

No one but myself can protect me and my family 24/7 and I should have the right to do so in any legal and reasonable means available to me.  You should fear a government that fears you owning a gun.  Why would they object to that?  Are they afraid you might be able to defend yourself against their tyranny?

Have you ever noticed most of the violent crime, specifically shootings take place in “gun free” zones such as schools, churches and government buildings?  Why?  Simple, if you think about it, criminals know that people are less likely to defend themselves in those areas.

So please remember this, get a gun if you can legally own one in your state and if you of legal age and have a clean background.  Then get training and learn how to use it!   Gun proof your kids, don’t try to kid proof your gun.  Keep it in a safe that’s easily accessible and practice, practice, practice.

If you live in a state that doesn’t allow you to defend yourself…move!  Seriously though, you need to take advantage of every other method of self defense available.  But if you live in a state or country that allows firearms, it’s a no brainer.