Why we Prep?

Chuck Swindoll

“I am convinced that life is 10% what   happens to me and 90% how I react to   it.” – Rev. Chuck Swindoll.

And what could be more true than this?

I have the pleasure of attending Chuck Swindoll’s church every Sunday, Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, TX., and listening to his sermons.

threeactionsAs I’ve mentioned before, modern survival doesn’t have to be extreme.   In fact, it’s very common today and more so than ever, it’s necessary.  So let me discuss WHY we should do it.  It’s how you react to what happens to you.  Your reaction will be determined by your level of preparation.

First of all, let’s discuss what common disasters happen in our daily lives.  Here’s a list to start with, if you think of more, please feel free to comment!  (This post will also be in the FORUM for more in depth discussion and comments from you.  Please feel free to join our forum of like minded people.)

  1. Loss of loved one (primary income earner.)
  2. Regional weather disaster
  3. Home invasion
  4. Home fire
  5. Vehicle failure away from home
  6. Power outages (often related to weather disaster.)
  7. Terrorist attack (local or national)
  8. Inflation
  9. Taxation
  10. Banking system failure
  11. Identity theft
  12. Loss of job

Are you prepared for any and all of these?  If not, why not?  These are not extreme, but very realistic scenarios.  Being unprepared is what get’s us in trouble.

Do you want your government to bail you out of these circumstances?  How well has the government done in these situations so far?  (They’ve done a great job with #8 and that’s all.)  Do you trust your government, your friends, family, employer or neighbors to sustain you in times like these?

Take responsibility for yourself and prepare for these situations.  Personal responsibility is the foundation of our liberty.  If you put your trust in God and the abilities that he’s given you to gain knowledge and skill, you will be a true survivor and no matter what our crazy government does, nor whatever happens, you will be far more ready than the average person.  So stay tuned for more this coming week, but I hope I’ve made the case as to “Why we Prepare.”

“Change” you REALLY CAN believe in.”

Bob Mayne

Todays Survival Host




More on the Emergency Bag…the basics


Every member of the family should have their own 72 hour bag. A trip to the thrift store might be just the place to get started. Everyone needs a bag, 3 changes of work clothes, food, toiletries, a comfortable pair of shoes, and any prescription medications that are taken regularly. To lighten the load, keep a case of bottled water in each vehicle, and not in your bag. You can always put it in your bag later if needed.

For children, consider packing a set of markers (crayons will melt), some paper, and a coloring book. Besides keeping the kids occupied, you may need to make signs or leave notes,and it makes good kindling. Pack some snack food too.
Invest in a quality first aid kit. I look disaster in the eye every day, being the father of 2 wild boys, and nothing comforts an injured person more than the ole first aid kit and some reassuring words. And remember, if the SHTF….. You can’t put a price on toilet paper!

Now, once you have the basics assembled, start to add all the “boy scout” stuff !

TUNE IN TOMORROW on making other “emergency plans.”  Check out our FORUM today to discuss specifics with like minded individuals in our internet community.

Also, information on food storage and more ideas on financial independence coming next week.

Randy Croft


“Change” you REALLY CAN believe in!

Be Prepared