Episode 24 – The best defense is a good offense


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Highlights: (recorded yesterday)

The topics of this show many of which were written about by one of our forum members by the user name of longerangetactical, click here to view one of his posts that made me do this show.

  • The best defense is a good offense, and how that applies to living a more secure life
  • Your Get Home Bag (GHB)
  • Oblivion, the 51st state (based on the post from thesurvivalmom.com
  • Using Technology for survival
  • Common Emergencies such as:
  • Hit with a medical bill?
  • Your company files BK – lays off bunch people – you – primary income earner
  • Home burglarized
  • Winter – caught in a blizzard – walk a several miles to get help
  • Car breaks down at night remote area
  • Drought – creates shortages water, rationing
  • Your teenage kid is in trouble – lost – or their car broken down


Millenium Snack Bars

iPhone Emergency Applications (from the Survival Spot Blog)

Episode 23 – Balance Your Life


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I chose this subject because I believe it’s one of the most important and overlooked area of success.  If you’re life is out of balance, it will be difficult to prepare yourself and your family it will also affect your ability to succeed in whatever you do.  I discuss the 5 areas of life to keep in balance.  I want you to know that I struggle with this a lot, so that’s another reason I felt the need to talk about it!  (this was actually recorded yesterday 9-30-09)

This show will appeal to anyone, even if they are not subscribing to the survival mindset yet, so share it with them!

  • The 5 areas of your life to keep in balance
  • Beware of “slurpers”
  • What are you listening to?
  • Who are you listening to?
  • How much time are you investing in other people who drag you down?
  • Beware of “bad seeds”
  • Are you in your shell?
  • How much of our life is affected by our finances?
  • Organizing your time
  • How much “alone time” do you have?

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