Episode 43-Dealing with Angry and Unreasonable People


Dealing with Angry and Unreasonable People.   With things being as volatile as they are and people being very edgy right now, I figured this would be some good info to share.  Tune in and I will discuss what I’ve learned from many experts on this topic.  Recorded Sunday, Nov. 29th, 2009.


  • Recognize that impossible people exist; you will eventually encounter them.
  • Be aware that some people simply aren’t compatible.
  • Understand that it’s not you, it’s them.
  • Defuse them.
  • Realize that you cannot deal with impossible people the same way you deal with everyone else.
  • Protect your self-esteem
  • Give up the tactic of self-defense

Today’s Recommended Reading, Tom Hopkins’ Official Guide to Success

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Today’s Survival Show

Episode 42 – Low Cost Economical Steps for Getting Prepared – Shoestring Survivalism


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From Andy James’ book,  I discuss some low cost steps for getting prepared during this Holiday season.  This really removes many excuses for not preparing in some way shape or form.  Many of these are FREE or cost very little.


  • Online Resources for finding preparedness information
  • HIVA Internet Search
  • Rice panic April 2008
  • Inventory, find out what you have on hand, organize it
  • Safeguarding important documents
  • Teaching your children safety skills
  • The importance of mapping out key locations
  • Establish meeting places
  • Emergency Communications
  • Emergency Codes
  • Home Security Check


FEMA.gov, Are you ready