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Author Topic: PT  (Read 6940 times)
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"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."

« on: July 21, 2013, 04:40:49 PM »

I know exercise is a sore subject with a lot of us, literally, as a lot of us are at a part of life where the mind is willing but the body makes us pay for it dearly for days.  I am a little over weight, like most Americans, I need to lose about 20-30lbs for my size.  We started a PT regiment yesterday, because we all realize that when SHTF, we need to be in better shape.  Furthering this, we are going to hold each other accountable (by we, I mean our prepper team).  Having a buddy helping push you is a MUST, why?  Because exercising hurts at first, its inconvenient to fit into your schedule, and its too easy to say "I`ll just work out twice as hard tomorrow" among the plethora of excuses that we make to ourselves.  Finding a group to work out with is wonderful in the fact that they can help motivate you, help you push that little bit harder.

I work in a factory and walk at least 3-4 miles a day, I lift heavy parts every day, and I try to eat right and stay away from soda pop for the most part.  I thought this was enough, NOT!  I got my lab results back and the readers digest condensed version said fat kid needs to exercise more.  My biggest driving force is the love for my family and my team.  When SHTF, I owe it to them to be in shape to be there to help us get through it.

Here is a challenge that makes this enlightening to you.  Set up a walking range for shooting sports, both pistol and rifle, have 1 of each weapon at a station down from your PT area.  Do a series of burpees (squat thrust), pushups, and moutain climbers (10-20 reps each), run to your range and lock and load, fire the rifle at 100yd targets (about 3 rounds, must be hits), safe the rifle and lock and load the pistol, work downrange and have your wingman or range master call targets and do a series of double taps on mulitples and some singles on smaller targets.  You will come to realize how hard this is to do when winded and adrenaline pumped up to wicked levels.  Congratulations, you just accomplished 2 things, you now realize that you need more PT (LOL) and you realize how firing a weapon under physical stress works out.

If you want to further the fatigue by doing this, wear some of your gear that you would wear in a SHTF case and see how it works for you.  We did this yesterday in the middle of the day, hydrated before and after, and got a feel of what I need to do to be better.   

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."
— Benjamin Franklin
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