Episode 47 – Wilderness survival basics: Increase your chance of rescue


Wilderness and Outdoor Survival in case of an unexpected tragic event, like a hiking trip or hunting trip.  Increase your chance of rescue.

The term “survival” is used to express the actions and attitudes, which help an individual to continue to live inspite of adverse circumstances, to improve his or her situation and to increase the possibility of eventual rescue.

In this show, I discuss the 3 most significant factors that figure in:

1.  Physiological and Psychological factors (7 subjects)

  1. Pain:
  2. Cold/heat: using blast matches
  3. Thirst:
  4. Hunger:
  5. Fatigue:
  6. Boredom and loneliness
  7. Fear (Episode 8)

2.  Attitudinal Factors: The most important attitude required during a survival situation is the ability of the survivor to immediately accept the reality of the new situation and the ability to adapt to the new situation and react appropriately to it.

3.  Survival activities
The patterns of the activities carried out in the event of a survival situation are determined by the urgency of the need.

  • First aid
  • Signaling for rescue (morse code?, I ask the question.)
  • Shelter making
  • Actions against heat/cold
  • Water procurement (filtration)
  • Food procurement (hunting and fishing)
  • Devising of other survival techniques.
  • Duty Allocation, delegating survival responsibilities

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