Episode 157 – Making a looting kit, TSS tip #2 of the week.


Make a looting kit. On tuesday I talked about dealing with looters and opportunists and although you may not agree with everything I said, don’t take this preparation lightly. In this show I look into the mind of a looter or opportunist and what they will be thinking after a disaster. One of the best ways to prepare for an attack is to know your enemy. This show is based on an article written by Thomas Northrup of “No BS survival” that I found on the website STHFplan.com. Let me suggest that you read it after listening to this show. Thanks for downloading and listening, Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

3 Responses to “Episode 157 – Making a looting kit, TSS tip #2 of the week.”

  1. Sierra Dave says:

    If you get some cameras and an LCD with RCA input that run off of 12 volts. You can recharge during the day and have some cameras with some night vision at night.

    Sierra Dave

  2. Back up generators. Power will not be gone ALL the time, but that’s what back up generators are for.

  3. tom says:

    on this show you said get a security camera but two shows ago you said when it hits the fan all TECH will be gone so how are you going to power up those cameras bob fuel is to precious for that when a human can pull guard duty