Episode 145 – Fact or fiction? Survival Myths.


There’s a lot of folklore and bad information being tossed around, about survival in the wilderness, safety and shooting hoards of zombies. So in the episode, I keep it rooted in common sense and decide to do some myth busting. I found several sources from blogs and forums to get information from some pretty credible people on what’s fact and what’s fiction? So be careful what you read and believe. I talk about things like building fires, purifying water, defending your camp, carrying cash, building shelters, shooting guns and a lot more. Please check out the links below and read the information there, it’s well worth it. Please join our forum too. Thanks for downloading and listening, Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

Survival Myths Debunked

Field and Stream: Top 8 Survival Myths

Lew Rockwell: 6 Dangerous Urban Survival Myths

Urban Survival Site

One Response to “Episode 145 – Fact or fiction? Survival Myths.”

  1. Great podcast! I too am one who likes to keep things simple when it comes to basic survival in the wilderness. But my slant is primarily having to do with camping and hiking rather than true survivalism.

    I wrote an article on some basic wilderness survival tips:


    I would really appreciate you taking a look and seeing if I’m accurate with my advice. My information comes from both personal experience and some Internet research but just wanted to be sure my readers are getting good information.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the awesome podcasts!