Episode 143 – 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training


I’ve talked a lot about what you know being as important as what you have, when it comes to preparedness. So I achieved one of my goals this year and that was to take 3 training classes that pertain to survival. This is the first one. I recently took a 2 day defensive handgun training class taught by Suarez International called Close Range Gunfighting. I realize survival is not all about guns and ammo, but that is a part of it, wouldn’t you agree? It’s something that should be on your list of preps. The mindset skills taught in this class were just as important as the handgun training in my opinion. So it’s the “mindset” I want you as a listener to experience. That’s what you will hear in this podcast. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to become a member of my “Survival Champion’s” Club by clicking the link at the top of this page and signing up. Your support will help me show a great deal and you’ll get a tremendous benefit. Version 3 will be coming out soon. Remember to join our forum too. Thank you, Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

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