Episode 134 – Shocking government waste and economic collapse.


Buckle your seat belt for this episode. You’ll hear from a Congressman about facts concerning government waste and the absolutely ridiculous programs that eat up your tax dollars. Why is this a survival topic? Because the closer our government gets to financial collapse or at least near bankruptcy, the more it will affect us, the average citizen. Are you prepared for the drastic cut in government services and what it will cause people to do? This is not a political episode. It’s filled with factual information that will probably surprise you. The Economic Collapse Blog has an excellent article on this. This is unsustainable and it must be stopped. But you should also be prepared for what will occur if it isn’t stopped. As you know, I don’t like to engage in tin foil hatter, but this episode is based on reality. It’s based on facts and basic economics. If we as citizens don’t continue to participate vigorously in the fight to stop this, we will pay a price for what the numbskulls in our government do. Thanks for downloading and listening.

Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

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