Episode 131 – Mayhem in Wisconsin (segment 2 is on vehicles)


Wisconsin is an underrated state. It’s my home state and in many ways I miss it. But what’s going on there right now really saddens me. So in this episode I talk about how government dependence and how the entitlement way of life is the root cause of the crisis in Wisconsin. Is this a sign of things to come? I think so. There are some FACTS about the situation in Wisconsin you might not know about, so rest assured, I use facts to formulate the theme of this show. In segment 2, I talk about cars for survival, but it’s not about bug out vehicles. It’s about buying cars, taking care of cars and driving cars in such a way that you avoid making a bad investment. I base this partially on Dave Ramsey’s “drive free and retire wealthy” philosophy. I analyze the financial aspect of a vehicle and why it’s one of the worst investments of all time. Thanks for downloading and listening. Please remember to join our forum and support my fundraising cause by getting your copy of my Preparedness/Shooting CD or digital download. – Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

2 Responses to “Episode 131 – Mayhem in Wisconsin (segment 2 is on vehicles)”

  1. Matt, thanks for your comment and I really do like it when people post an alternative view like you did. My whole problem with what’s going on in Wisconsin is that those protesters are acting like all of their collective bargaining rights are being stripped. What’s actually being proposed is that they can’t negotiate their salaries anymore, but can still bargain for their benefits and class sizes, etc. At some point, there has to be limits on collective bargaining. The lack of limits is what has brought them to this point and contributed to the problem. Good points though and thanks for posting this.

  2. Matt Czosnek says:


    I listen to both of your podcasts, love them both for what is presented and how it’s presented. I have been meaning to comment long before now to tell you what a great job you’re doing. Thank you for being “that Yankee behind the mike”.

    Like you I am a native son of Wisconsin, born in Ft. Atkinson and grew up in the “big city” of Milwaukee and I now live in Austin TX. And I too often miss home but don’t miss the winters. But, I disagree with you on the Madison protests. I have many friends who are on that line, no they haven’t called in sick some have taken time off owed to them and some are showing up after work or as school districts have closed due to sick outs. These demonstrations have been nothing but peaceful and lawful acts of civil disobedience, the protesters are cleaning up after themselves and making sure that the halls of the people are left in good order for all to use. These protesters aren’t there about money, they are there about collective bargaining being taken away and that Gov. Walker is trying to break the Unions. All the people I know on that line are fine with the cuts and increases in contributions, they see it as fair and as doing their part to help ease the debt crisis. The other objection that many of us have is the way that the Governor is trying to ram these through without either public hearings or debate. If the people or their elected officials aren’t allowed a say in the process then this is just like the Health Care Bill which the Democrats stuck us with. This is now how our government should work and all that it does is divide the people. There was a time, not so long ago, when we all could have civil discussions about issues like this and things would be resolved, not always the way we wanted but in ways we felt were fair and just. Those teachers who staged sick outs, have give their students an excellent lesson about civics and some of the most basic principles this country was founded on, The right to peacefully assemble, the right to free speech, the right of peaceful civil disobedience. These are lessons that we can all learn and perhaps come together and begin to be civil with one another again.

    And NO Bob, I haven’t stopped listening to either of your podcasts. We all have the right to our opinions and the right to express them. The system isn’t perfect but it’s the best one out there and we all need to use it. Keep on podcasting and I’ll keep on listening.