Episode 119 – 10 danger signs the US economy is headed for disaster and how to handle it.


10 Signs to watch out for to signal the long term downfall of the U.S. Economy and how it will effect the rest of the world. I try not to get too negative and preach the sky is falling but I do tell the truth. Then I give you some ideas as to how to stay in balance, prioritize and make the most of your survival preparations. Some people believe the US economy will rebound shortly and become stronger than ever, but I disagree. The truth is the US economy is drowning in debt, American consumers are broke, American businesses are broke and the unfunded pension plans, social security entitlements and government programs will be what kills this nations economy once and for all. The day of reckoning is fast approaching, are you ready?

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3 Responses to “Episode 119 – 10 danger signs the US economy is headed for disaster and how to handle it.”

  1. Sierra Dave says:

    Just listened to “10 Danger Signs”, many very good points. I think you missed something though. Due to the fact of a JIT society. (Just In Time) Once these financial time bombs start going off, that’s it.

    There’s this old kids game where you tap out plastic ice cubes. After a while you are left with a bunch of holes and then it eventually collapses.

    Our financial situation is like that. With many different vectors that will cause the Dollar to become valueless. The food stores and gas stations will be emptied in a day. There will be no resupplies. Maybe cash and carry for a day unless the stores are looted in riots.

    Prep up for a year and plan on self sufficiency for after-wards.

    Sierra Dave

  2. Very good points. I fear that American’s standing in the world will continue to decline.

  3. Jim says:

    That was a sobering show. When you line the problems up and look at them collectively, your conclusions are realistic and troubling.

    We will all experience a new reality. Our children will live in a world where their country is not “master of all.”

    We need to address our problems and stop acting like “Team America World Police.”

    I’m tired, for example, of benevolent war where we take over an enemy nation and spend (waste) our treasure trying to remake them in our own image. If the country is attacked, the offending nation should be put to the sword, reduced to rubble and left to smolder. If they come back for more – they get it double. As for Korea, it isn’t our business if they want to kill each other. Not one American soldier should die in that mess.

    Watch a movie of how our grandparents lived in the 20’s and 30’s and you’ll know what life will be life in 10 years.