Episode 109 – Survival Skill: Learning to shoot


Skills are more important than gear in my opinion. Supplies and gear are necessities for a survival plan, no doubt. Don’t get me wrong, I just think that if TSHTF it will be easier to acquire gear than it will be to learn a new skill. So once a month, I’m going to discuss a skill necessary for survival. This time, it’s learning to shoot. Even if you listen from a country where you cannot own guns, you may learn the importance of learning some type of combative skill from this podcast. If you’re legally allowed to own a firearm, then learn how to use it. This is not a gun podcast and I’m not a gun nut. Yet I do recognize the importance of survival firearms. In this podcast after talking about the importance of learning to shoot I also discuss some thoughts on what to buy if you can own only one gun, what makes a good survival gun and why it should be on your list of preps. I also discuss inexpensive but good quality survival firearms and inexpensive training on how to use them, hunt with them and use them in self defense. Don’t forget about hunting, a necessary survival skill.

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One Response to “Episode 109 – Survival Skill: Learning to shoot”

  1. Frazer says:

    I loved this podcast! I live in Canada where I can own a handgun while it is very difficult to get the licences and then acquire the gun. However I have been reading ferfals blog and I think I will go after getting the prohibited weapons permit which will allow higher capacity handguns and smaller barrel handguns. I like ferfals idea of using a magnet to mount a loaded handgun to the top of a safe for if your home is invaded and they tell you to open the safe! Even if you can’t carry a handgun day to day just having one can be helpful in a collapse.

    I also agree with Bob and thank him for encouraging people to become proficient with their firearms. I just joined the local marksmanship club where I can practice my riffle shots and shotgun shooting until I get the prohibited weapons permit. Whether it’s home defence in a collapse or hunting for food in a full on hyperinflation depression situation being a better shot will never hurt!

    Good work Bob!