Episode 106 – Modern Technology for Survival


Modern technology can be a good asset for survival. Too often many preppers discount it stating that most technological devices are “unreliable.” In this episode I will try to bust that myth. I will concede the fact that you can’t rely 100% on technological devices to save your butt. However, there are common disasters that do not necessarily cause cell phone towers or satellites to go down. I did this entire podcast with my iphone to prove that there are a lot of creative ways to use technology now, before the STHF.


  • Using Facebook and Twitter as survival tools.
  • Using your camera phone and video function on your smartphone.
  • Ham Radios.
  • CB Radios.
  • Using your computer as a survival tool.
  • Using CD’s, flashdrives and DVD’s as survival tools.
  • Power inverters are simple emergency items that come in handy.
  • Text messaging as a survival tool.
  • Using your camera phone to record inventory.
  • Getting accident reports and weather reports using technology.
  • 11 iphone apps that could save your life.
  • Modern medical technology that saves lives.

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