Episode 105 – Apartment Survivalism, Interview with Frazer Kon


Apartment survivalism is entirely possible and very realistic. Too many people think that because they don’t have a large homestead with a lot of rural property, that they cannot take steps to get prepared for common every day disasters. In this episode, I do an interview with Frazer Kon from our forum. He joins me from Canada and discussed what he’s done to prepare while living in a first floor apartment. A lot of what you will hear him say also applies to anyone and applies to living a more secure life right now!


  • Storing food in an apartment.
  • Storing water in an apartment.
  • Gardening.
  • Apartment security.
  • Financial planning for renters.
  • Preparing for power loss in apartments.
  • Modifying furniture to provide storage space.
  • Present day bartering example.
  • Having a plan.

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