Ep. 209 – The Value of Skills


Have you ever put a value on your skills? Even if no disaster happens, your skills are worth something and can be traded or bartered. So this episode is about identifying your skill set and the value of it. Also, it’s about how it can help you in a survival/preparedness situation!


The Barter Value of Skills

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One Response to “Ep. 209 – The Value of Skills”

  1. bigqueue says:

    Skills are the long term thing we will all “trade”….yup….doing things for people will be big! I agree with repair…..and teaching since people will be in need and needing to get things done themselves….
    Car repair….snow blower,lawn mower repair…..home carpentry…..even simple stuff like doing things for aging people who need help.
    BTW: I think the race to the bottom will be a slow sinking one….no bit rush for SHTF stuff…..but a slow slide to hell.