Ep. 164 – The Prepper’s Podcket Guide


In this episode I interview Bernie Carr, author of The Pocket Prepper’s Guide. She also runs a blog called ApartmentPrepper.com (link will be posted on the forum.) We discussed prepping for beginners and also a few tips on modern day survival in your apartment or small home. Please join the forum or email me questions if you wish. Thanks for downloading and listening. Bob Mayne, Today’s Survival Show

4 Responses to “Ep. 164 – The Prepper’s Podcket Guide”

  1. Got a pressure canner — am now canning lots of stews and soups.

  2. Laurie says:

    USE coupons, folks. Take a class! ask a friend, contact your local recreation center or food pantry. Everybody is teaching classes these day. I’ve stockpiled a ton of real food because I use coupons. It’s FREE money. How can we seriously ignore FREE money. I save at least 50% a week on every food product I buy. I save 90% on personal products which frees up money for food!!

  3. Sierra Dave says:

    Sam’s club sells 50 pound bags of rice for $17. Throw in two buckets and lids for $6 and you will feel much better about being able to survive. That price is about half of what you would pay if you bought smaller 5 and 10 pound bags at Wallmart.

    I know since half my store is in smaller bags until I hit Sam’s and found the big savings.

    I sleep well with my 800 pounds of rice. Plus everything else of course.

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