Declare YOUR OWN independence

power_of_choiceAs we celebrate the 233rd year of our country’s independence, consider declaring YOUR OWN independence too.  What do I mean?  I’m talking about declaring that you will no longer be dependent on our government or your job for you existence and identity.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you don’t need a job or our government.  But I urge you to become less dependent on them.  Only then are you truly a modern survivalist and truly free.

What would you do if you lost the primary income earner in your household?  Perhaps you’re already in that situation?  What would you do if a regional weather disaster hit your area and you had to evacuate for a few days or a week?  Something as simple as losing power to your home for a few days can be disastrous if you don’t have a plan.

What if you were asked to evacuate and you were given 30 minutes to get you and your family out of your home?  Do you have and emergency bag?  Do you have a pre-set place to go?

Think about these things and “declare your own independence” today as well.  Stay tuned to this website and our forum for more info daily.

Happy Birthday America and welcome to a new way of life for you and your family!

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Bob Mayne

Todays Survival Host

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