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Survival characteristics

Episode 85 – What is self defense and situational awareness?

What is self defense and situational awareness?  It’s an answer that has plagued a lot of people, law enforcement and investigators, but I’ll give you my thoughts on this subject in this episode.  I’ve been reading an excellent website called No Nonsense Self Defense.  I suggest you take a look at it after listening. Highlights: […]

Episode 68 – Who and where are the survivalists? (Part 3 of peaceful revolution one person at a time.)

Who and where are the survivalists?  Tune in for part 3 and the conclusion of my series on individual responsibility entitled, “Peaceful revolution, one person at a time.”  In this show I discuss the make up of survivalists, where they are usually located and “why we prepare.” Highlights: Some people are survivalists and don’t know […]