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Low cost preparations

Episode 55 – Stockpiling in Moderation

Stockpiling in Moderation, sometimes it’s hard to do for some people.  I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t mean to be an alarmist and conspiracy theorist.  This episode is not meant to go to the extreme, but rather help you think about common sense items to stock…in moderation.  Simple things that help us through any emergency […]

Episode 42 – Low Cost Economical Steps for Getting Prepared – Shoestring Survivalism

Total downloads this episode: 327 www.podtrac.com measurement reports From Andy James’ book,  I discuss some low cost steps for getting prepared during this Holiday season.  This really removes many excuses for not preparing in some way shape or form.  Many of these are FREE or cost very little. Highlights: Online Resources for finding preparedness information […]