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Episode 40 – Productivity and The “12 words to live by.”

Total downloads this episode: 382 www.podtrac.com measurement reports Productivity Let me share with you the 12 most important words to live by that have helped me a lot.  You have to listen the show to find out.  Being productive means lots of things to a lot of people.  I cover the various outlooks on what […]

Episode 33 – Shoestring Survivalism and SMART Goals for Survival

Total downloads this episode 343, www.podtrac.com measurement reports Partially based on a book review.  The book is “Shoestring Survivalism” by Andy James. What area’s are the easiest to stretch your budget when preparing? What are some mistakes preparedness minded people often make? Immediate recommendations for those beginning shoestring survival How the typical survivalist is categorized […]