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Ep. 203 – Understanding SHTF Communications Without Being An Engineer

David Malin, Emergency Manager at the Port of Los Angeles, shares his knowledge on how to understand SHTF communications without being an engineer. Links: Ohms Law Watt Frequency and wavelength Antenna’s, Antenna’s, Antenna’s Effective Radiated Power Standing Wave Radio Simplex vs Duplex Radio Wave Propogation CB Frequencies FRS/GMRS Frequencies

Ep. 197 – HAM RADIO with Mike Andren

Mike Andren is my guest to discuss HAM Radio. We cover how to get started, what products to consider and how the FCC gets involved. We also discuss how to pass the test and about how much it costs to get started. Links: Communications for Preppers YouTube Channel Wouxun KG-UV6D Handheld 136-174 MHz/ 400-480 MHz […]